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Secrets: 4

If you’ve yet to stabilize the floor in the small room with the White Carved Tile on the wall see the ending of the last level (Coastal Ruins) for details on how to progress to the main part of the Catacombs.

Go to the room with the White Carved Tile on the wall and pull out the pillar once. Push it all the way through the corridor to the other side. Continue pushing it all the way to the other side of the room to the marked tile. This will release an Ice Elemental and open the door to the right to the main part of the Catacombs.

Go through the door to a small 4-way junction with a pole going down a hole in the center. Ignore the pole and take the passage to the right to a room with jars. Run to the Golden Bird Statue on the far right side and wait for the Ice Elemental to destroy itself.

Run back out to the 4-way junction and slide down the pole. Run down the corridor and when you get close to the end the wall will lift up. Run forwards and pull the Lever which lifts up all of the walls and you find yourself on a high ledge in a large room with 2 dangling ropes.

High Ledge Room with 2 Ropes

Take a running jump to the first Rope and then line up a jump to the second Rope. You may want to wait for it to stop swinging so you can line up the second jump correctly or save your game before you try these jumps. Swing across to the second rope and then turn to face the wall on the left.

Swing across to the small crawlway high up by the roof and climb inside. Drop down the other side for Secret #1 with Shotgun Shells, Large Medipak and Flares. Drop down the hole in the floor and then run up the stairs. You’ll come to a small gap in the floor with jars on the other side. If you break the jars one of them has Shotgun Shells (Wide).

Drop through the gap and you’ll slide down into some water. Swim over to the steps just ahead and pull up into another large room.

Flooded Room

Climb up to the ledge and shoot the Skeleton that appears on the middle platform. Take a running jump to grab the small ledge next to the wall the same side you entered and a running jump to the ledge in the corner. Pull the Lever to extend some blocks elsewhere in the room.

Now jump across the stony blocks on the side of the wall towards the ledge with the jar. Break the jar for Shotgun Shells (Wide). Go to the other side of the ledge and jump up to grab the handholds in the roof. Swing across to the lever on the other side of the room. As you’re swinging across an Ice Elemental will appear. Quickly drop down to the Lever and pull it. More block ledges will extend.

Drop down into the water and swim through an underwater opening with a Golden Bird Statue. Wait by it until the Ice Elemental is dispersed. Now climb back up the steps to the higher ledges. Another Skeleton may be waiting for you on the central platform. Kill him and then take a running jump onto the central platform.

Take a running jump to the small platform ahead and then another running jump to grab one of the block ledges that you extended earlier. Turn right and take a running jump to grab the next block ledge along and then a running jump to land on the small ledge in the side wall.

Run diagonally off the other side of the ledge onto a slightly lower block in the wall on the left side. Drop backwards, grab onto the edge and traverse across to the right. Keep going around the corner until you can drop down onto a ledge. Run towards the jars and around the corner to the left to a new room with a rope and pedestal.

Room with Single Rope and First Trident

The jar near the entrance will have Shotgun Shells (Wide) and a Skeleton on one of the other ledges will wake up when you enter. Take a running jump to grab onto the dangling Rope and then swing over to the central column with the pedestal. Take the First Trident and then jump ahead to the ledge on the opposite side of the room on the right.

Drop down backwards down the pit and climb down the ladder to the bottom where you’ll find Arrows, Shotgun Shells (Wide) and Shotgun Shells. Run through the exit to the bottom of the tall room. In one of the side rooms you’ll find a jar with Shotgun Shells.

Climb back up the ladder and jump over to the right (western) side. Climb up to the ledge above and grab the Large Medipak. As you do 3 Skeletons will appear on the ledges below. Either shoot them safely from up here or drop down to take them out.

Jump over to the northern ledge on the left side and jump over the gap. Climb up the ladder in the far left corner to the top. Run up the stairs to a room with a Pole and Trident

Room with Wooden Pole and Second Trident

As you enter the room you’ll be attacked by a Skeleton. Blow him up and then pick up the Second Trident on the pedestal. Climb up the Pole and backflip into the room above. Break the jars for Explosive Arrows.

Continue climbing the Pole to the passage above. Run along it to the end and a door will open automatically as you approach. Heading through will take you back to the original 4-way junction in the beginning. A Skeleton will attack you from the opposite passage as well.

Huge Room with Circular Skylights

Jump to the Pole in the center and slide down to the bottom. Walk towards the massive room and a Skeleton will appear. Turn right at the end of the ledge and take a running jump to the Ladder on the side wall. Drop to the ground level and kill the 2 Skeletons sneaking around down here.

Run towards the other side of the room and just before a small pool in the right corner there’s a small Ladder. Climb up it and run down the stairs. Take a left, go past the opening on the left and enter the opening on the right. Take a right and then go down the steps to the left. 2 Skeletons will wake up as you approach. You can kill them both with an explosive arrow. This will break the jars as well and one of them contains Uzi Clips.

Go back the way you came and enter the first opening on the left that you ran past. It’s now on your right. You’ll be attacked by a Skeleton as you enter. Run all the way around the corner to the right and enter the small alcove with jars. You may as well kill the sleeping Skeleton before it wakes up and then climb up the climbable wall at the end.

Climb up to the top for Shotgun Shells (Wide). You’re now on the middle level of the Huge Room. Jump across to the next ledge. A Skeleton will appear as you jump across. Run to the right and then jump over to the alcove with the Large Medipak.

Jump back and then across to the next ledge, further to the left, and then next ledge where 2 Skeletons will appear. Take a running jump to grab the last ledge on the right far corner for Shotgun Shells (Wide) and Shotgun Shells. Jump back and now jump across in the far left corner.

Climb the ladder and get off on the ledge to the left. Pick up the Shotgun Shells and enter the small room for the Third Trident. Make your way across these higher ledges to the other side of the room and jump across to the Rope in the far right corner.

From here you can either swing across to the opening or swing across to the ledge and then take a running jump to the opening. You’ll need to use Action so Lara makes it into the opening without hitting her head.

Climb up the Pole and backflip into the room above. Kill the sleeping Skeleton before it wakes up and climb up the Ladder. Run down the corridor all the way to the Fourth Trident on a pedestal. There are a number of sleeping Skeletons that will wake up once you take the Trident. You may want to kill them while they’re still sleeping.

For the next secret you’ll need to destroy all of the white piles of bones in the pedestal room and in the corridor. There are five of them in total. Once you have destroyed them all a hatch will open up in the pedestal room on the left side. Drop down for Secret #2 where you’ll find Explosive Arrows. You’ll also be shown a cut-scene of a brown door opening in the Huge Room.

Climb out, run back down the corridor and drop down the hole at the end. Slide down the Pole and take a running jump back to the ledge you came from. Now you’re back in the Huge Room on the top level. Take running jumps across to the far left corner where the Brown Door is located and go through for Secret #3 where you’ll find Explosive Arrows, Shotgun Shells (Wide), Shotgun Shells and a Large Medipak.

Jump back over to the ledge behind the massive pillar and drop down to the mid-level ledges. Jump across to the next ledge along and drop down on the other side to the ground level. Turn left and enter the small room, which is actually a lift.

When the lift stops climb into the opening and follow the passage for Secret #4. Shoot the jar for a Large Medipak, Explosive Arrows and Shotgun Shells (Wide). The way out is up the ramp on the left. Drop down to the mid-level ledges and then to the ground level.

Head back up the stairs the way you first entered this area and drop down to the room with the small pool in the corner. Run up the steps to the left of the small pool to finish the Catacombs.

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