Back to Act I – In Ciri’s Footsteps

During the final part of the Get Junior quest Geralt will demand that Junior tell him everything he knows about Ciri. This starts a flashback with Ciri.

Ciri and Dandelion will be talking about how to free Dudu who’s being held in the top floor. Once you get control of Ciri climb up the ladder to the rooftop. Run along the rooftops until you can drop down to a balcony. Climb in the window for a cutscene.

Whoreson Junior is torturing Dudu when you interrupt. This starts a fight with Whoreson but you now have the Blink ability which lets you blink behind enemies to attack.

Once Whoreson has been defeated and Dudu freed head downstairs and take out Junior’s thugs along the way. Once you reach the door to the outside the flashback will be complete.

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