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After meeting Triss and doing a few errands for her she’ll suggest you go and meet the oneiromancer, Corinne Tilly.

When you head to the location on the map where she’s located you’ll be met by the owner, Rudolf de Jonkheer. He’ll tell you the house has been haunted but he’ll let you enter because you might be able help with this issue.

Enter the house and head upstairs. When you reach the bedroom you’ll see a godling hovering over Corinne, who appears to be in distress. Corinne is under a sleeping spell but she does give you a couple of clues about the doll and the attic.

Make your way up to the attic, climb up the ladder and use Aard on the blocked doorway. Look around until you find the Rag Doll and the drawing of the crib.

Climb back down to the bedroom with Corinne and then enter the only other room on this level, a small room with a crib. Place the Rag Doll in the crib and the door will close. Take a look at the drawing on the back of the door to see a picture of an oven.

Head all the way down to the cellar and examine the oven. Sarah, the godling, will appear and tell you that this is her home and she’s just trying to get people to leave her alone. You can decide to leave her alone or tell her she has to find another place to live.

If you let Sarah stay she’ll wake up Corinne so you can talk to her. You’ll need to tell Rudolf that you were unsuccessful in removing the haunting and he’ll end up selling the house to someone else.

If you tell Sarah to leave you’ll need to find some Burdock in the oven and light it with the Igni sign. Sarah won’t be happy but she’ll eventually leave the house.

Once Sarah has been dealt with, for better or worse, head upstairs and talk to Corinne. She agrees to help you and tells you to meet her at her room in the Golden Sturgeon.

Make your way to the Golden Sturgeon and head up to Corinne’s room. She’ll ask many questions about Ciri’s background and abilities. You can answer however you wish. At the end you’ll see a cutscene showing Dandelion. Afterwards she’ll tell you that he inherited a brothel, The Rosemary and Thyme.

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