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This quest runs alongside the In Wolf’s Clothing side quest. Yennefer tells you to look for the body and will support you from above.

Use your Witcher sense to find the trail of blood and follow it to a body. This isn’t the right body. Geralt will try to call out his finding to Yen but she won’t be able to hear.

If you haven’t completed In wolf’s Clothing you’ll need to get access to the northern part of the garden. Find the two levers. The one on the right selects which gate is active and the one on the left opens or closes the active gate.

There are three gates and the one you want to open is the one directly in front of you while facing the levers. When you open the right gate the quest will update.

Head through the gate and climb the ladder to the other part of the garden. Jump down the well and search around for a body. Examine the remains of the Priestess for a Key which opens the exit so you won’t have to go through this process again if you want to come back.

Examine the body to find out that it’s Skjall. Yen will tell you to bring his corpse to her. She decides to use the power of the garden to use necromancy and make him talk from beyond the grave. After that this quest is finished.

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