Doom 2: Hell on Earth is the sequel to Doom and was released by ID Software in 1994. After defeating the demonic infestation on Mars Doom Guy steps through a portal and arrives back on Earth.  As you find out at the end of the first game the demons have beaten him there and many of Earth’s cities already lie in ruin.

Doom 2 is similar to the first game but there are incremental improvements, as well as new enemies and a new weapon, the Super Shotgun. New enemies include the devastating Heavy Weapon Dude, Mancubus and Revenant.

Doom 2 Walkthrough

Episode 1: The Space Station

Level 1: Entryway
Level 2: Underhalls
Level 3: The Gantlet
Level 4: The Focus
Level 5: The Waste Tunnels
Level 6: The Crusher
Level 7: Dead Simple
Level 8: Tricks and Traps
Level 9: The Pit
Level 10: Refueling Base
Level 11: Circle of Death

Episode 2: The City

Level 12: The Factory
Level 13: Downtown
Level 14: The Inmost Dens
Level 15: Industrial Zone (Exit to secret level)
Level 16: Suburbs
Level 17: Tenements
Level 18: The Courtyard
Level 19: The Citadel
Level 20: Gotcha!

Episode 3: Hell

Level 21: Nirvana
Level 22: The Catacombs
Level 23: Barrels o’ Fun
Level 24: The Chasm
Level 25: Bloodfalls
Level 26: The Abandoned Mines
Level 27: Monster Condo
Level 28: The Spirit World
Level 29: The Living End
Level 30: Icon of Sin

Secret Levels

Level 31: Wolfenstein (Exit to super secret)
Level 32: Grosse (Super Secret)

Master Levels

The Catwalk (CATWALK.WAD)
The Combine (COMBINE.WAD)
The Fistula (FISTULA.WAD)
The Garrison (GARRISON.WAD)
Titan Manor (MANOR.WAD)
Trapped on Titan (TTRAP.WAD)
Virgil’s Lead (VIRGIL.WAD)
Minos’ Judgement (MINOS.WAD)
Bloodsea Keep (BLOODSEA.WAD)
Mephisto’s Mausoleum (MEPHISTO.WAD)
Black Tower (BLACKTWR.WAD)
Express Elevator to Hell (TEETH.WAD)
Bad Dream (TEETH.WAD)