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The Gantlet

The Gantlet is another small level but it’s where you’re introduced to a very dangerous enemy, the Chaingunner. Using a Chaingun against him will stun him and prevent him from firing back.

From the Start of the level head down the stairs and around to the Armor. When you pick it up a room will open filled with Shotgun Guys. Take them out and then head up the lift to the east.

Don’t fire at any of the enemies just yet. Wait for the enemies on both sides to start attacking each other.

Once they notice you start firing back. Take out the Chaingunners first because they do the most damage. There’s two of them on the ground on each side as well as the ones in front of you.

Once the coast is clear do a strafe run off the walkway into the well. You’ll drop down to Secret 1 where you’ll find the Mega Armor, Super Charge and Invisibility. Take the teleport back up.

Continue to the east, take out the enemies and pick up the Blue Key. All of the doors near here need the blue key. Take the door to the left and walk around the corridor to find the Switch. This opens up a path to a teleporter leading to the exit room.

Before taking the teleporter drop down to the ground level of the large outdoor area. Open the secret door in the south-east corner. This doesn’t count as an official secret but inside you’ll find the first Backpack.

Head back and walk across the walkway to the teleporter. It will take you to a ledge above the starting area. Open the door to the south and take out the Demons. Drop down and grab the Red Key.

One of the side walls has two Switches. The left Switch opens a trap with Imps. The right Switch lowers the lift so you can head up. Open the red door and hit the Exit Switch to complete the level.

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