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From the starting location take out the Imps and then go through the right teleporter. Take out the Specters and Shotgun Guys as quickly as you can as you make your way around the walls to the south. When you get close to the southern wall it will lift up revealing 4 Revenants. Take them out and then hit the Switch to lower the curved walls in this area.

Go through the teleporter by the Switch and then hit the 4 Switches to lift up the four ledges. The last one is a lift so you can press on it and ride it up. Head to the other side of the room and use a rocket launcher to take out the Mancubus and Imps.

There are two Switches and two teleporters here. The Switch on the left opens up a passage back to the starting room so you can pick up the health if you need it. We’ll get to the Switch on the right in a second. For now go through the right teleporter.

Press on the walls twice to reveal all the enemies. Run around the edges of the room and try to get them to attack each other. Use a BFG on the Pain Elementals to get rid of them quickly. Clear the room and pick up the Yellow Key in the corner.

To reach the Mega Sphere you’ll need to lower the platform. Go through the teleporter in the corner to be taken back to the previous room. Hit the Switch to lower the platform and quickly go back through the teleporter. Run forwards and grab the Mega Sphere.

Take the teleporter back to the previous room and go through the passage to the starting room. Head through the left teleporter.

Now that you have the yellow key you can open the yellow walls. Drop down into the slime and pick up the Radiation Suit just below this platform. All of the other platforms can be lowered. Find the one with the Hell Knights on it and lower it down. It also has an Invincibility Sphere.

Clear out the room as quickly as possible and then ride the platform in the corner. From here you can dash across to grab the Blue Key.

Take the platform near the teleporter up and dash across to where you entered this room. Head around to the east and take out the Imps and Chaingunners. Dash across to the platform with the Imps and press the Switch. This lowers the platform with the Chaingunners. Run across to it and grab the Red Key.

Take the platform back up to the entrance of this room and use the keys to open the walls blocking the exit. Head through to complete this level.

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