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The Fistula

The Fistula is another level by Christen David Kilne. From the Start you can turn around and see the yellow key but you can’t pick it up yet.

Take the left door out to a strange hallway with the floor all on different levels. From here take out any enemies you can see from any of the three open exits.

Take the exit to the north first and clear out any enemies you can see, including any down the hallway to the east even though it’s blocked off at the moment.

Head back to the strange hallway and take the opening to the east. Go down the lift all the way to the bottom and head to the right.

Take out the enemies and quickly run down the hall. Imps and humans will spawn around you but you can quickly deal with them with the Shotgun.

Take the lift up and go to the right first for Green Armor and then to the left for another hallway with enemies. As you move forwards the display to the right will lift up revealing more enemies.

Press the Switch on the left to lower down the pedestal with the Yellow Key in the starting room. Follow the corridor around back to the lift area. Press on the wall with the arrow pointing to it to remove the wall.

Sneak around the side of the acid pool and go through the teleporter. This takes you back to the Start so you can pick up the Yellow Key. When you pick it up you’ll be teleported back to the acid pool. Step off the teleporter and back on again to teleport back to the Start.

Go through the left door and the opening opposite. Open the Yellow Door to see the Blue Key on another pedestal.

Head back to the wonky hallway and take the exit to the east. Use the lift and get off half-way down on the left side. Take out all the enemies and get onto the lowering floor. The Switch around to the right lowers the pillars and also the Blue Key.

Enter the yellow building and grab the Blue Key. Head back to the wonky hallway and then the opening opposite. Open one of the Blue Bars and head up the stairs to pick up the Red Key.

Go back to the passage with the pillars that you just lowered and open Secret 1, the wall with the plus sign on it on the south side. Inside you’ll find some Shotgun Guys and a MegaSphere.

Head back to the Starting room and open the right door. Take out the Pinky Demons and Imps and then press the Button on the right side to lower the small lift. This will allow you to run across to the grab the Rocket Launcher.

Take the lift up again and run down the stairs to the outside area. Clear out the enemies and open the Red Door. Make sure you have a few rockets left over because there’s an Arch Vile inside.

Once you’ve killed him head through the Red Door and hit the Switch to complete the level.

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