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From the Start fir a shot off and wait for a couple of enemies to teleport in. Drop down the bloodfall straight ahead (east) and use a BFG to clear out the enemies behind the bloodfall on the right. Inside you’ll find some armour and stimpaks.

Head back out and go to the square courtyard with the pillar of blood. Take out the Revenant on top of the pillar first and then the Chaingunners around the edges.

Take the lift (grey rock wall) up and grab all the goodies around the ledges. The Blue Door is up here as well but you’ll need to find the blue key first.

Drop the lift down again and this time go through to a cave area with lots of lamps. Take out the enemies along the way. Find the teleporter and go through.

Take out the Lost Souls and then pick up the Blue Key. Quickly drop down and use the BFG twice to take out all, or most, of the enemies in this room. As long as you survive you’ll be ok because you can dash across to the MegaSphere once the room is clear.

Head back through the door and open the green wall to the left for Secret 1. Inside you’ll find 2 Energy Cell Packs. Head back out and continue forwards to the teleporter. This takes you back to the start.

Drop back down the bloodfall to the east, run to the courtyard and open the Blue Door. Take out all the enemies inside. There’s quite a few of them so you can use the BFG if yo uhave the ammo.

Contnue forwards and ride the lift up. Secret 2 is the odd colored wall on the left. On Nightmare difficulty there’s nothing inside.

Ride the lift down and use the BFG to quickly take out the 2 Pain elementals. Take the next lift up to another courtyard and quickly take out the Arch Vile to the left. Usually one BFG shot is enough to kill him but sometimes he survives a little longer.

Press the Skull Button on one of the pillars to reveal the steps leading up to the Exit.

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