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Grab the Plasma Gun and Cells if you need them and then head through the door to Engineering. You’ll be ambushed by a few enemies. Take them out and head through the next door. Watch out for the Commando and Imp that come running in. A second Commano comes running out from the Storage room to the left.

Inside Storage you’ll find some Cells and a Health Station. Heal up if you need to, then go through the glass door to Molecular Engineering. This is where things get a little tricky. Grab the Plasma Inducer from the device on the left.

Once you grab it a Bruiser will be released from the other side of the room. Try to avoid his cannon attacks as you deal damage.

Once it’s defeated go through the door that unlocks and make your way through the facility until you come to what appears to be a dead-end. Press the button on the wall to open the Maintenance Hatch and go through.

Climb down the long ladder and just by a Zombie you’ll find PDA (Travis Folsom).

Go down the corridor and take out the Commando. Head through the door to Environmental Systems. Take the lift down and quickly climb up the ladder.

You’ll hear enemies spawning in. Take out the Imps as you make your way up the stairs and press the button to close the shutters. Go through a couple of doors and take out the Revenant.

Go through to the next room, taking out the Commando with the chaingun along the way. You’ll find a Health Station and two lockers.

Clear out the many Zombies first and open the office to find PDA (Bernice Tooley).

Look at the post-it note on one of the desks. It has the numbers 372 on it. This is the code to the storage lockers by the health station.

Continue around to the lobby area and an Arch Vile will teleport in behind the desk. He’ll quickly spawn a couple of other enemies.

Go through the door on the left and down the stairs. Clear out the Zombies and Imps and go through the Administration door. You’ll be on the walkway above the room you were just in earlier. Head across to the Access Stair and go down.

Follow the sign to the Teleporting Stage to the right. Follow the hallway around and kill the Bruiser behind the door.

Return through the door to Teleporter Staging. Place the Inducer on the teleporter and Richard Meyers will give you an update. Grab the Teleportation Experiments Video Disk then go through the door to the left to the Decon Chamber.

Activate the Teleporter Sequence and you’ll be taken to the other dimension.

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