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Central Server Banks

There’s a Health Station just to your left and you’ll probably need it soon. You can either step forwards carefully or do a lap around this part of the complex to trigger all the enemies and then take them out.

You’ll be facing Revenants, Commandos, Trites and so on. As you move to open the door on the other side of the complex an Arch Vile will spawn in front of you.

Go through the door to enter a large circular chamber. Call the bridge and then take out the Cacodemons as you run across. Use the console to go to Storage.

Inside to the left is a little storage room. To the right you’ll have to face 3 Commandos. Take them out and look inside the larger storage room. Grab the loot but watch out for the Revenants and Arch Vile.

Go back to the bridge and use the console to swing it around to the Server Bank. Make your way through, taking out the enemies as you go.

Head down the stairs to the bottom and inside the small office you’ll find the Tooloose PDA. You can also watch the BFG 9000 VD on the monitor.

You’ll need the PDA to get access to the final area. Go back to the bridge and use the console to swing the bridge around to Central Processing.

Kill the Cacodemons and grab the BFG 900 Briefing from the desk. This is the same video we watched earlier. Go through the door for a boss fight with Sergeant Kelly. He’s mutated into a Sabaoth.

I like to use the Chaingun to shoot the BFG projectiles. Take down his health a bit and finish him off with the Soul Cube. Make sure you pick up the BFG 9000 after the fight. Then head through the small crawlspace.

Crawl through to the next room and take the lift to Site 3.

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