Doom 3 takes you to Mars where you battle a demon infestation in the Mars research facility. It takes the Doom franchise to a new level of horror as the pace slows down considerably and more emphasis is put on creating a scary atmosphere rather than just more bad guys to shoot.

Doom 3 features 27 areas, or levels, with redesigned enemies from the original Doom games, as well as a bunch of new enemies to keep you on your toes. There are PDAs and Video Disks to find on most of the levels. This walkthrough will show you the location of all of them.

Scroll down for walkthroughs of both the expansions. The Resurrection of Evil expansion takes you deep into the ruins of a buried ancient civilization where you need to investigate a mysterious beacon. There are 6 new enemies to face as well as new combat mechanics such as harnessing gravity and using demonic powers. The Lost Mission features 8 new levels, most of them were cut from the original game, hence the name.

Doom 3 Walkthrough

Mars City
Mars City Underground
Return to Mars City
UAC Administration
Alpha Labs Sector 1
Alpha Labs Sector 2
Alpha Labs Sector 3
Alpha Labs Sector 4
Enpro Plant
Communications Transfer
Communications Central
Monorail Skybridge
Recycling Sector
Delta Labs Sector 1
Delta Labs Sector 2A
Delta Labs Sector 2B
Delta Labs Sector 3
Delta Labs Sector 4
Delta Labs Sector 5
Central Processing
Central Server Banks
Site 3: Analysis Facility
Caverns: Area 1
Caverns: Area 2
Primary Excavation: Artifact Dig


Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil Walkthrough

Resurrection of Evil is the first official expansion of Doom 3 and takes place in two connected stations, Erebus and Phobos. There’s new enemies to face and new weapons to find. You’ll also have access to the Artifact. Once upgraded this artifact can slow time.

During the first level you’ll get access to the Grabber, a device that can pick up items and throw them. This includes projectiles from enemies and even small enemies themselves. Resurrection of Evil includes 12 levels on two Mars stations and one in Hell.

Erebus Ancient Ruins – Level 1
Erebus Dig Site – Level 2
Erebus Labs – Level 3
Erebus Control – Level 4
Erebus Research – Level 5
Erebus Station – Level 6
Phobos Labs – Sector 1
Phobos Labs – Sector 2
Phobos Labs – Sector 3
Phobos Labs – Revisited
Delta Labs
Hell (Resurrection of Evil)


Doom 3 The Lost Mission Walkthrough

The Lost Mission is the second expansion pack for Doom 3 and takes place around the same time as the original Doom 3 story. You are the sole survivor of the Bravo team, the same team that the original Doom 3 guy was supposed to meet. Your objective is to shut down the teleporter array and stop the demons from making it to Earth.

Enpro – Sector 1
Enpro – Sector 2
Underground – Sector 1
Underground – Sector 2
Exis Labs – Sector 1
Exis Labs – Sector 2
Hell (Lost Mission)
Hell Outpost