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When you teleport in grab the BFG and ammo, then move forwards towards the gate between the lava fall. A number of enemies will spawn in as you get closer.

Enter the blue beam and you’ll get teleported to the next area. Clear out the Zombies, Forgotten Ones and Hell Knights. Head up the stairs and go through the doors into the next area.

In the next room an Arch Vile will appear on the walkway in the center of the room.

Go up to the center and clear out the Cacodemons as they spawn in. Go up the steps that appear and go through the next door.

Get ready for the Cupids. The Grabber works well for this section. A large Spider will rise up from a lift in the next cavern. Take it out while continuing to avoid the Cupids.

Go through the next couple of doors and get ready to deal with the Zombies and Mancubis.

In the next room the walls will open up and you’ll be teleported to a new area. You’ll need to make your way along the walkway while taking out the enemies.

Once the Cacodemons have been killed a bridge will extend so you can get to the next door.

Take out the Mancubis and then quickly dash past the stone smashing up and down. Clear out the Zombies and Cacodemons as you make your way through the narrow passages.

In the next room you’ll be attacked by a series of enemies. Go into the side alcoves for Health and ammo if you need it.

After the battle go through the door and up the stairs all the way to the top.

Make your way through what appears to be some kind of ruined cathedral, taking out the Revenants and Forgotten Ones along the way.

Watch out for the Hell Knight that comes out of the door on the back right side.

Go through the door in the back left corner to make progress. Take out the Revenants and then continue through the next door. You’ll find a boat to take you to the Hell Outpost.

Enjoy the ride and then get read for the final mission for Lost Mission.

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