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Climb down the ladder under the monorail for some Rockets, then climb back up and ride the SkyTram on the left. Enjoy the view as you head to Sector 3.

When you arrive go through the door to Reactor Operations. You’ll have a new objective to shut down the reactor. Clear out the Zombies.

Then enter the storage room to the left for a Health Station, Plasma Gun and Plasma Cells. When you come out you’ll get attacked by a handful of Vulgars and a Revenant. Take them out and head up the stairs.

Go through the next two doors and you’ll be at the top of the reactor room.

As you head around the walkway to the right Cacodemons and Forgotten Ones will spawn in. Take them out and ride the lift down to the lower level.

Head around to the left, clear out the enemies, and take the next lift down to the lower level.

Enter through the door for a room with a Health Station and elevator. The elevator isn’t working from here so you’ll need to take the ladder down.

Take the next two ladders down to the very bottom and pick up the Reactor Key and PDA (Nicolas Haag).

Read the emails for the code to the code to the storage locker in this area which is 492.

You can ride the lift from here so take it back up to the top. Take the lifts around the reactor up to the top.

Scan the access card to get into the reactor control room. Here you’ll find Storage Locker 009 (code 492), and a Health Station. Look at the computer and Initiate Shutdown.

Head back out and activate the bridge. Walk across it and enter the next door along. Take out the Troopers inside the next room and ride the lift down.

Clear out the Revenants on the lower floor as well as the Pinky Demon. Go through the door and a Sentry Bot will wake up to help you out.

Make your way through the dark area, the Sentry Bot lead the way to the elevator. Ride it up to the airlock and go outside.

For once there are no enemies outside so stroll over to the other side and go through the airlock to the next building.

Use slow time to easily take out the Troopers and Vulgars waiting for you on the other side. There’s a Health Station right by the entrance if you need it.

Head down the steps and take the elevator down to the Cargo Tunnels.

Use the monitor to activate the shutters if you want, then use slow time to quickly take out the Hell Knights along the wide corridor, as well as the Pinky Demon behind the door at the end.

If you take too long Revenants will spawn behind you. Make your way up the stairs, clearing out the Revenant and Troopers along the way.

Climb up the ladder and go through the narrow door to another control room where you can Initiate the Shutdown.

There’s also a Health Station if you need it. Head back out and follow the corridor around to the Skywalk. Go through to the other side and take the elevator to the next level.

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