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Mars City

When you arrive on Mars you’ll meet R. Cooper who’ll tell you to head to reception. Head up the stairs and go through the door. You’ll need to wait in the small room for the bioscan. Once that’s done head through the door on the other side.

Continue through the welcome area to the door straight ahead. This leads to reception where H. Feiner will give you your own PDA.

This also includes the Marine Command Briefing VD. Watch it if you want and then read the emails from W. Banks and Sergeant Kelly. On the desk opposite H. Feiner you’ll find the Welcome to Mars Research Facility VD. This is the same video that was playing in the welcome room.

Everything else is locked so go up the stairs on the right and continue until you get a cutscene. The doors to the Monorail Station are locked so continue around the corridor on the left. Pass by the bathroom on the right and go into the kitchen where you’ll find the Adam E. Berneche PDA on the kitchen counter.

Just opposite the HQ you’ll find Combat Prep. Go inside for the Series 3 Plasma Gun Briefing VD.

Go through to the Marine HQ for a briefing. Follow the Sentry Bot to the elevator room. Before you go through open up Locker 001 with the code 396. Inside you’ll find some ammo.

Take the elevator to end the level.

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