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This is a shorter mission and you’ll be doing a bit of a loop around. Head up the stairs and notice the locker. We’ll be back here later once we have the access code. The Security Station door is locked so we’ll also need to find the Access Card.

Instead head down the ladder and then the stairs. Take out the Zombies and continue through the next door. A few Imps will spawn down the next corridor.

At the end take the only exit to the left. Follow the path around to a control room where Imps will spawn in. Take them out and go through the door to the room you can see through the window with the lift and Health Station. On the desk you’ll find PDA (Bob Thompson).

The PDA emails will give you the code to the supply cabinet #054, 631. When you call the lift some of the lights will turn off and you’ll be attacked by Spiders. I like to use the Grav Gun to deal with them quickly. Luckily there’s a health station nearby if you take damage.

Ride the lift up and head to the back of the room. Take out the Trooper Zombies as they make their way towards you. You’ll find some ammo and health on the shelves.

Continue around but watch out for the Commando who runs in from the door by the walkway.

Go through the door he came from and up the stairs. Up the top you’ll find the Access Card.

Grab it and drop down through the break in the railing and you’ll be back at the starting area. This time you know the code to the locker (631) and have the Access Card for the Security Station. Inside the locker you’ll find a Chaingun.

Go through the Security Station Door and you’ll find a control room with a Health Station and monitor. Disable the Security Lockdown, go through the next door and then open the bay door to reach the next level.

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