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Caverns: Area 1

Take the long lift ride down and watch out as you walk out at the bottom for the Trites. I like to run up the stairs, turn around and take them out.

Then you can go back down and have a look around for any loot. Make your way back up the stairs and head around the walkway until you can enter the orange door. Go through the next 2 doors, take out the Imp and Wraiths that spawn behind you.

Grab the BFG Cell on the floor by the skeleton and go through the next door. Take out the Commando and Wraiths. At the T-junction go the left and head through the orange door.

Enter the door on the right and take out an Arch Vile. I like to use the Soul Cube to deal with him quickly.

Continue around, grab the Plasma Cells and head through the next door. Enemies will spawn all around you. Continue past the Health Station.

You will need to call up the lift but ou can drop down to the ledge below first and crawl in the hole for Chaingun Ammo and Armor.

Climb back up, call the ladder down around the side and climb up. Take out Cacodemons and then jump across to the metal frames.

From here you can crawl in through the window. Use the computer to Unlock Cargo Lift Controls. Go through the door, grab the BFG Cell and call up the lift. Ride it down and go through the room at the bottom. Watch out for the Trites. Take the door back out.

Press the Call Cargo Lift button on the console on the metal pillar and get ready for a battle. Take out the Hell Knight and Imps and wait for the lift.

Ride the lift to the bottom and take out the Commando on the walkway in front of you.

Drop down to the metal beams and make your way across the lava. An Arch Vile will spawn in the same place as the Commando, a Hell Knight and Imp to your right and a Cacodemon above. Take them all out and click on the Open Access Hatch button on the metal frame. This drops down a ladder so you can climb up.

Go through the orange door and take the lift up to the floor above. Kill the Imps and head out the other door.

Go around to the right and up the ladder. Go through the next orange door but watch out for the Imp crouched on the other side. Head down the ladders as far as you can go, then jump down the moving platforms.

Climb down one final ladder and push the button to extend the service ladder so you can get back up. Jump over the pipes and you’ll spot some feet to your right.

Crawl under the pipes and have a chat with J. Katayama. He gives you the Caverns Keycard. Crawl back under the pipe and take the ladders all the way back up to the top.

Go outside, climb down a ladder and into the orange door. Unlock the door using the access card and take out the Trites. On the table you’ll find the Robert Cody PDA.

Head outside, turn to the left and climb up the ladder. Crawl into the crawlspace for the BFG Cells and then drop back down. Head through the next orange door and watch out for the panels falling off the floor.

Carefully head around the corridor, taking out the Commandos along the way. Open the door to the cargo bay and climb up the ladder. Move the crane around to the right once. And then extend it out a little bit. Climb up the ladder and across the crane. Drop down to the items below and then the platform.

Enter the office and go through the next door. Follow the walkway around and go down the stairs. Open up the door in front of you and all the lights will go out. Wait for the door to roll open and take out the enemies that spawn in.

Call up the lift and take out the Hell Knight that rides it up.

Ride the lift down to Sublevel 1. Take out the enemies at the bottom, including an Arch Vile. Then follow the passage around to the right and go through the orange door. Jump across the fallen bridge, head through the next door and take the lift down to the next area.

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