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Caverns: Area 2

Take the long lift ride down and get ready for and Arch Vile and 2 Hell Knights as you walk towards the orange door. Use the BFG to deal with the quickly.

The Storage Room door is locked. You can come back for it later if you want. Head through the only other door to the caverns.

Make your way down the tunnels and take out the Wraiths as they spawn in.

Grab the ammo and continue along the passage to a doorway with scaffolding on the side. On the table you’ll find the Storage Room Key.

Head back to the storage room at the start if you want and then come back.

Watch out for the 2 Hell Knights as you approach the doorway, then an Arch Vile as you actually step inside the hallway.

Make your way through the corridor and down the steps until you reach the room with the floating egg-like structures. Take out the Wraiths and Imps and then pick up the Ancient Civilization VD on the scaffolding on the right side.

Continue out the other side of the room. In the room with pillars a Hell Knight will smash through the wall on the top level.

Take it out along with the Trites and Imps, and finally another two Hell Knights. Continue through the next corridor and get ready for a boss fight. Two of the same boss that you’ve fought earlier, the Vagary, will attack.

Use the BFG to kill them quickly and then climb up the steps on the right. Go through the door and down the lift to end the level.

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