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After the cutscene you’ll be in control of a Marine with only the Artifact and a Pistol in your possession. You can’t do anything with the Artifact just yet. You can equip it by pressing ‘q’ on the keyboard.

The first secret is in the hole in the wall to the right. Inside you’ll find a Shotgun.

Continue ahead to face the first enemy. It looks like a Lost Soul but it’s actually one of the Forgotten Ones.

Make your way around the tunnel, taking out the Forgotten Ones as you go, and then remove the Power Cell from the generator.

Place the Power Cell in the generator by the lift a bit further on. On a stone next to it you’ll find Video Disk (AM3 Series Portable Power Plant). Grab it and ride the lift up.

Once you reach the top jump off at the walkway and watch out for more Forgotten Ones spawning in.

Head around the back of the wall and take out the Imps. You’ll find a Machine Gun before heading through the golden doors.

In the next room take the stairs on either side down and clear out the Forgotten Ones and Imps. Hunt around for loo if you want, then climb over the stone blocks to the next golden doorway.

You’ll see a Marine use the Grabber to catch a projectile and send it back at the Imp.

After the cutscene you’ll be given the Grabber. It’s useful for clearing out debris, catching small enemies or returning enemy projectiles.

Continue through the next tunnel and use the Grabber to clear out the Forgotten Ones in the next room.

Head up the stairs and continue through the passage. When you enter the next room 3 Imps will spawn around you so you might want to retreat to the passage to deal with them.

Continue through the only available passage to the elevator. This one is powered so grab the health and ammo scattered around the room and head up to the next level.

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