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Once you teleport in to this level you’ll be straight into the action with a zombie heading straight for you. Then a Revenant and Hell Knight will spawn in as you make your way out of the teleporter room.

Go through the doors and up the stairs. Go through the door on the left, take out the Zombies and go through the next door.

Watch out for the Hell Knight, Revenant and Forgotten Ones, then head through the portal.

You’ll be teleported to a square office hallway. Use the Artifact to slow time and take out the Revenant and Vulgars.

There’s a bit of health and ammo in one of the side rooms. Grab it then open the door that takes you over the walkway. Continue through to the Executive Offices.

Clear out the enemies and follow the hallway around to the left. The stairs down just lead to some ammo.

Go through the next door to the balcony and follow the path around. Spiders will drop down in front and a Revenant behind. Clear them out and head around to the next portal.

Make your way around the narrow corridors to the kitchen where you’ll find PDA (Patrick Hook). You’ll find the code to the storage lockers in this area (634).

Continue down the next corridor and through the only open door to the med bay. This is where you’ll find Storage Locker 116 and 117. Both are opened with the code 634.

Head out the other side and duck under the flames. You’ll find a Hell Knight lurking in the next room. Take it out along with the Vulgars that spawn afterwards.

Exit out the other side and navigate through the spider infested hallways. Through the next door you’ll find a few Zombies. Kill them and take the lift up.

Head into the room where an artifact was being researched. Continue through to the next room and take out the Revenants. Go through the portal and stand by the next portal until you’re teleported to Hell.

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