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Delta Labs Sector 1

Enter the first room and you’ll find the Robert Price PDA on the floor in front of you.

Your first objective is to restore power to the Delta Labs. You’ll notice a distinct lack of enemies as you wander around the empty facility.

Continue around to the right and a body will be thrown through a window. Jump through the window and head around to Delta Systems Control. Try to Initialize the Power Systems. It won’t work until you find the Data Linker.

Make your way back down the corridor and some floor panels will fly up. Crawl through under the door and up the other side. Head around the only way you can go and you’ll soon find the Data Linker.

Grab it, take it back to the Systems Control and place it in the slot. You’ll be able to partially restore power. Your next objective is to manually restart the reactor. From now on monsters will start spawning.

Head back to the start and to the hub room with the lift to the next area. It’s currently locked. Take the left passageway but watch out for the Demon that comes running out.

In the next room there’s a door at the back left and back right. The door on the back right leads to a broken stairway so you’ll need to take the door on the back left.

Follow the only path you can until you find a large storage room.

Take out the Lost Souls and Revenant that spawns in, then crawl through the open vent near the entrance. Watch out for the Cacodemon waiting for you on the other side. Inside this room you’ll find Locker 21D. You can open it with the code 298.

Head through to the next corridor. A Revenant and 2 Cacodemons will spawn in. Take them out and then head up the stairs in the back corner.

Ride the lift down to the dark room below and clear out the Imps. Take out the Revenant coming down the stairs and go through the door to the hallway. Open the next door to the Delta Reactor Room. Take out the Lost Souls and make your way around to the ladder.

Climb up and take the exit but watch out for the Revenant behind the door and other enemies that spawn in behind you. Head through to the Reactor Control and Initiate Power.

Go out the other door and climb up the ladders. You’ll emerge at the top of the reactor. Take out the Cacodemons and walk along the right walkway for the Brian Mora PDA.

Go back down the ladders to the control room and go out the third door that was locked previously. Scan your PDA to unlock it.

Take the only path you can take until you reach a lift. Call it up and then ride it down. Take out the Imps, go through to the next room and up the stairs.

In the next room you’ll find a lift. Take it up to Delta Authority. Watch out for the Demon as you step out of the lift.

Go through the door with general access and watch out for all the Zombies in the Archives. After them you’ll face 2 Commandos in the next room. One of them has a Chaingun.

There’s another 2 Commandos in the next room. I use the Rocket Launcher to take them out. Head around to the walkway and take out the 2 Cacodemons, then continue down the stairs. You’ll be back to where you were before, the corridor with the broken stairs.

Go back through the door to the hub room and kill the Revenant and Commando. Follow the passage the Revenant came from and it will take you to the lift. Ride it down to the next area.

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