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Delta Labs Sector 2B

After teleporting across the gap head through the door and head around to the Teleport Observation for the BRD Access Card.

Scan the access card and go through the locked door to the Data Control Terminal. Watch out for the 2 Commandos on the right. Storage 02 can be opened by pressing the button on one of the monitors to Unlock Storage Area.

Grab the loot and the head through the door where the second Commando entered the room. Head around the corridor but watch out for another Commando and a Zombie. To the left is a room with the Francis Erikson PDA and Locker 103 with the code 259.

Grab the ammo and continue through the next door. Take out the Commando, Imp, second Commando from the top balcony and finally a Zombie.

In the next room wait for the Arch Vile to appear on the balcony and hit it with missiles.

Arch Viles spawn in enemies so kill the Imps and then head past the kitchen and go down the corridor. Go through the only open door once the Imp comes out and take out the Chaingun Commando. Then ride the lift up. Look out over the edge of the balcony for a second Arch Vile.

Crawl through the vent on the right and you’ll emerge in a surgery room. Talk to Dr. Michaels and he’ll tell you about the Imp. He also gives you the code for the combat supplies. Go into the back room and open Lockers 216 and 217 with the code 624.

You’ll need to jump over the boxes to continue down the next corridor. Take out the Imps in the next room. Six of them will spawn in and then a Commando. Wait for the lights over the door in the next room to turn from red to green and a Commando will run in.

Take him out and head through. You’ll be in the specimen museum. Take a look at all the specimens and download the information about each of them.

Go through the door on the other side and up the stairs on the right. Look immediately to the right and you’ll spot a maintenance door.

Someone is stuck down there. Open the door and go down the ladder. Quickly run around the corridor and take out the Imp. We were too late to save the worker but you can pick up the Jacob Stemmons PDA.

Head back out of maintenance and go through the next door. You’ll find the Stasis Chamber Deployment section. Activate the conveyor.

The chamber is lit up so you can follow it through the dark rooms. Take out the Imps quickly as you make your way through. If you run out of power for your torch the chamber will provide a bit of light.

Continue through the control room and open Locker 213 with the code 371. Then head into the next dark section and follow the stasis chamber to the end. Go through the door but watch out for one final Imp waiting to leap at you from behind it.

The door on the right goes back to the Specimen Museum. Instead take the lift up to the floor above.

Follow the corridor around to the Analysis Control room. It looks like the Soul Cube is missing.

Grab the Larry Bullman PDA and Soul Cube VD from the control desk by the Health Station. Go through the door behind the analysis machine and watch out for the Imp climbing up over the railing and the Commando.

Take out the 2 Commandos in the next room and enter the small office of Elizabeth McNeil. Inside you’ll find the Elizabeth McNeil PDA.

Enter Storage 07 on the other side of the room with the code 725. Inside you’ll find a Health Station and another Martian Buddy Locker. This one has the same code, 0508. Inside you’ll find a BFG!

Head over to Level 3 Access and enter the code 463. Take out the Arch Vile that spawns in front of you.

Call the lift and go down to Delta Labs 3.

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