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Once you get control of the marine step forwards to grab the Pistol and bullets. Take out the Wraiths that spawn in and go through the door ahead.

Just down the corridor you’ll find the Machine Gun on the right and a Health Station on the left. Head up the stairs first for armor and then down the stairs and through the next door.

Continue through the next door you’ll find the Shotgun and shells.

Take out the wraiths and head through the the passage to the right. Watch out for the Commando that runs at you from behind. The door here is locked but the door on the other side of the room should be open so go back and head through.

Make your way around the corridors to another open door. Take out the enemies in this room and head out the only other open door. Take the door to the right and clear out the Zombies.

Open the next door and go across the walkway. Take the stairs down, killing the enemies as you go. Head through the door at the end of the walkway and down the ladder as the next door is locked.

Go through the door and take another ladder down as the lift isn’t working. Open the small maintenance door and make your way through the narrow passages. You’ll come to a small control room.

Go through the door back out to the walkway and now the lift should be working. Climb the ladder and take the lift up. After the autosave take out the Troopers and head through the next door.

Continue around to the right and up the stairs. Watch out for the Imps spawning in front and behind. Go through the next unlocked door and clear out the Troopers in the next room.

There’s a Health Station on the other side of the room by the exit door. Head through, kill the Commando and out the next door.

You’ll come to what seems like a dead end but you can drop down into the Control Room on the left side.

You’ll get a communication from Dr. Richard Meyers on the computer. He tells you that there’s a functional teleporter in the other dimension that must be destroyed.

Take the SSD Drive once he’s finished talking and grab PDA (Allen Rhodes) from the desk in the lowered section.

Go through the next door and take out the Commando and Imp. You’ll be back in the hub room but you now have the PDA. Take the exit which is now on your left and open the locked door. Open the elevator door and head to the next area.

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