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Alpha Labs Sector 2

Open the door, grab the armor and health if you need it and then watch the strange events as a soldier floats away through the door. Go through the door and enter the bathroom on the right. Take out the enemies and then climb up the ladder in the back corner.

Duck down and crawl through the vents until you find a spot where you can drop down to the corridor below. Take out the Imps and Maggot. Then enter the office CP 01 and take out the Zombies.

There’s a health station here as well as the Andrew Chin PDA. and a monitor that you can use to view the cameras.

Go back out and head through the AL2 003 door and then the 004 door to a hallway that’s exposed to the outside. Quickly make your way through before you run out of oxygen.

Head through door 005, then 006 and 007. You’ll see Team Bravo through the window. Continue into the next room with the rollers. There’s a few things to do here.

Behind the roller you’ll find Locker 038 with the code 409. On the far desk you’ll find the Walker Conner PDA and the Molecular Fuel Storage VD.

There’s also a hatch that you can open. Press the Open Main Vent Hatch button on the computer and this hatch will open.

Climb the ladder that rises up and go inside for some ammo and health. Return to the roller room and go through the other door.

Go through the next door to a large room with pillars. There’s quite a few enemies here so you might want to clear the room with grenades. Use a grenade to blow up the tile in front of the second pillar from the left. This leads to a large secret area.

Once you’ve explored that area come back and ride the lift down. Continue through the next door and up the stairs to meet J. Edwards. You can escort him through the facility as he holds the light.

If you want to keep him alive for as long as possible you’ll need to take the shots from the Imps that jump out from around the pillars. Once you reach the exit he’ll get jumped by Imps and killed anyway. Explore this dark area and then head up the ladder.

At the top you’ll find Locker 039. This can be opened with code 102. Continue through the door, jump over the pipes and follow them through the tunnel. Eventually you’ll come out to a square room.

Press the extend service ladder button and hide in a corner. Fight off the Spiders until they’re all dead.

Climb up the ladder, fight off a few more Spiders and then take the exit.

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