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Primary Excavation: Artifact Dig

Congratulations on making it to the Primary Excavation Site. Grab all the loot you want and start making your way down the stairs. There are no enemies to face until you reach the final boss.

When you reach the intersection at the base of a set of stairs with a bunch of candles, head to the left for the final secret. The path to the right leads to the boss.

Duck down and press the ID stone on the wall. This opens up a wall next to you. Go through for the final secret of the game, the ID PDA.

Read it for messages from all the people who helped design this game. Head back the other way for the final boss.

The final boss of this game is a Cyberdemon. He can’t be damaged with regular weapons. Instead you’ll need to charge up the Soul Cube and use it on him.

Regular enemies will crawl out of the pit in the center. Kill 5 of them to charge up the soul cube, then use it on the Cyberdemon. You’ll need to do this 4 times to kill the Cyberdemon and complete the game.

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