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Once the boat stops step onto the landing and take out the Forgotten Ones. Head through door into the room with the lava pillars and kill the 4 Pinky Demons.

Continue up the path, taking out the Imps and Arch Vile along the way. Up the top head through the arch and follow the path to the gold door.

Head along the bridge walkway in the next area but watch out for the Imps that spawn in front and behind, as well as a Hell Knight at the end of the walkway. As you approach the building wait for the burning cross to lower into the ground and rise again so you can run under it.

Continue along the next section of walkway. Clear out the enemies, Cacodemons, Imps and Hell Knights, before making your way past the next burning cross.

Head along one final section of walkway and through the golden door. In the next room stay on the left side and look for a button with the word “RAGE” on it.

Interact with the button for a secret room with a bunch of ammo. Continue down the path to the main battle arena.

On one or two sides of the arena you’ll find some BFG Cells. Behind one of the pillars is a control panel. Use it to Activate the Teleporter Sequence.

While the teleporter is activating you’ll need to take out the enemies as they spawn in. After a minute or so you’ll be teleported the Exis Teleporter Staging Area.

Clear out the Imps and Hell Knight and you’ll be teleported back. Soon something big will be headed your way.

Guardian of Hell Boss Fight

This beast is called the Guardian of Hell. You first saw it in the original campaign although it used Seekers to track you down. This variation doesn’t use Seekers and you can hit it normally just like any other enemy.

This boss is not too difficult if you can avoid its charge attack and fireballs. Keep drawing it around the pillars so you have some cover and hit it with the BFG.

Once the boss is defeated you’ll get a brief cutscene and the campaign will be complete!

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