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Central Processing

After the cutscene go through the door and head down the corridor. An Imp will spawn in the room to the left and one in the corridor behind you. Take them out and jump through the smashed window. Use the Health Station if you need it and Open the Security Locker through the computer on the desk to open a compartment in the wall with Armor.

Go through the door and clear out the area. In front of you is a door that is missing the door panel. You’ll need to find a replacement in Lab A to gain access to the Data Library.

Head around to the left, take out the Arch Vile at the end of the corridor. You’ll need the codes to get through the door so come back and go through the only open door on the right. Jump over the broken floor panels and take the next door on the left.

Clear out the Trites and Imps and then explore the room. The computer on the lower floor has the camera feeds. Look at the Lab A Meeting Room to see the code 627.

Take out the Commandos that spawn in and then look at the computer on the raised floor. Click on the button to Open Maintenance Storage Hatch. This opens a little hatch where you can find the Bates PDA.

Head back out to the hub area and use the code 627 to open the door at the end of the corridor on the left. The floor will fall away as you enter. Jump over the panels and through the next door.

Make your way carefully through the CPU Banks A-J to the meeting room where you saw the code 627 through the camera. On the counter to the left you’ll find the Heskell PDA.

Continue around until you find the lift to CPU Banks K-T and ride it up. You’ll need to do the same thing again. Make your way around to the next lift and ride it up to Routing.

Clear out the floor and head around to the main office where you’ll find a Locker and the Replacement Panel. Wait for the lights to turn red, run out and kill the Arch Vile.

Take out the remaining enemies and open Locker 669 with the code 468. For a quick way down just jump over the railing to the floor below.

Get ready with the Soul Cube because an Arch Vile will spawn in front of you. Make your way back to the lift and ride it down. Go back to the hub area and use the Panel to fix the door to the Data Library.

Go through and follow the corridor down to the end. Open the door to the CPU Core and take out the Imps. The door on the right is locked so take the lift on the left down to the Main CPU.

After the long ride down talk to the dying marine. Then drop down the hole on the left to crawl under the locked door.

Pick up the ammo in the storage room, crawl back out and then take the lift to the next level.

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