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Monorail Skybridge

As you step forwards onto the bridge it will collapse and you’ll be exposed to the Martian environment. Quickly make your way across the area to the airlock but watch out for the 2 Cacodemons.

Make your way along the corridor, taking out the Demon and other enemies. Once you get through the next door you’ll get a little cutscene of a new enemy, the Revenant.

Head up the ramp to where you killed the Revenant and a second Revenant will appear from across the room. There’s a storage room here with a Plasma Gun. Grab it and then drop down towards where you saw the second Revenant and go through the door.

In the next room when you step forwards there’s a Zombie to your right and a Demon will appear in front of you. Take them out and head through to the next room where you’ll find a lift. Just watch out for spawning enemies in front and behind you.

Call the lift and ride it down. Watch out for the two Revenants as you progress around the hallway. Go through the green door around the next corner and take out the Demon that charges out you.

There’s a second Demon around the corner. Once you kill that one a third appears behind you.

Continue along the passage into the next dark room with the pumps. Take out the Zombies and then climb up the stairs. There’s another Revenant hiding around the corner once you reach the top.

Go through the next room, killing another Revenant on the walkway, then into the room with the toxic sludge. You’ll need to find some way to clear it.

Go past the sludge, take out the Imps and make your way around until you find a computer where you can Extend the Service Ladder. You’ll also find the Nick Sadowayj PDA as well as the Maintenance Safety VD.

Extend the service ladder and climb up. Drop down onto the service pipes and make your way across. Press the Execute Emergency Shutdown button on the monitor. This will leak the seal and drain away the toxic sludge.

Drop back down to where you extended the service ladder and go through the blue door below. This takes you back to the room that’s now been cleared of sludge.

Go up the stairs, then up the ladder. Make your way around to a room with a Demon. Take it out and grab the health from the Health Station if you need it.

Going through the green door will take you to a tunnel with Trites/Spiders. Clear them out and go through the next door.

As you come out to the next room with toxic sludge you’ll face 2 Revenants.

Make your way across the sludge and pick up the Anthony Garza PDA on the desk. Grab the Rocket Launcher in the next room and go through the blue door.

Go through the airlock and take out the Revenant on the walkway.

There’s a second Revenant in the building just ahead. Grab all the loot you can find, head into the building with the second Revenant and jump up the boxes to the roof. Walk along the walkway, drop down and go through the door to the next level.

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