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UAC Administration

As you enter the reception area of admin take a look around and then head through the door on the left with the Alpha Labs sign on it.

Follow the corridor around and you’ll see a small office with a guy hanging out the window. On the counter behind him is the Alan Dorweiler PDA and the Alpha Labs Introduction VD. The code for Locker 013 at the back is 586.

The small door here is locked and you don’t have security clearance yet. Leave the office and go through the other door.

Go as far as you can until you reach the Alpha Labs entrance doors and a guy E. Webb near the point of death. Talk to him and then head back the way you came to the admin entrance. When you enter Imps will break through the door opposite.

Take them out and head through the door. Walk around the corridor and through the next door. There’s a small office with nothing much inside so keep walking along the corridor to a large square room. Enter into the office behind the glass and press the Security Override button on the monitor. When you do a Demon will appear from the walkway above. Eventually it will smash through the glass.

Try to dodge to the side and take it out with the shotgun. Head out the other door and up the stairs. Another Demon will rush at you from down the hallway. Look around for the small office with the Jonathon Moses PDA and the Martian Buddy Locker with the code 0508. Inside the cabinet you’ll find a Chaingun!

Continue around the path and head up the stairs. Follow the walkway until you see the two guys talking down below.

Go through the door on the other side and clear out the Zombies. You’ll find a very strange room with candles and symbol on the floor.

Go inside for the William Banks PDA. When you grab it watch out for the Imps that start spawning in. Go back across the walkway and down the stairs. Open the door back to the welcome area.

Go through the door you first when you arrived and open the door that was locked. You now have the security clearance through William Banks’ PDA to open it.

Go inside and take a look at the communications center where the two guys where talking and grab the Paul Simons PDA.

Leave the room, go up the ladder, go through the door and drop down to the lower floor. This is where you find the entrance to Alpha Labs.

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