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When you enter the station look to the right to find the Sam Harding PDA.

At this station and the next you can climb down the ladder. There’s nothing at this station though so enter the train and press the Activate Monorail button.

While the train is moving T. Ryan will emerge from the back cabin. When you arrive at the next station Ryan refuses to follow you. First take the ladder down for some supplies if you want them. Then go through the yellow door to face a new enemy, the Commando.

He’ll lash at you with a tentacle arm so duck under it. Clear out this room from Zombies and Imps. I like to use Grenades to get rid of them quickly. Just down at the base of the stairs as you enter you’ll find the Gary Ross PDA.

Follow the corridor around but watch out for another Commando. Take the stairs onto the side walkway, take out more enemies and then up the stairs and through the silver door. Another Commando runs out.

Inside you’ll find the Charles Hollies PDA as well as Locker 054. It can be opened with the code 142.

Press the button to open the Airlock Junction 05. The code for it is 826.

As you head back you’ll be attacked by Trites. Take them out and make your way back to the monorail. Unfortunately Ryan didn’t make it. Kill the Trite and activate the Monorail once again.

After the crash take the ladder up and take out the Commando.

Go through the door and clear out the Trites. Through the next door you’ll face a Commando with another 2 spawning in. Take the ladder down for Plasma Cells if you need them, then head through the next door.

Continue fighting your way through the facility and when you go up the stairs you’ll find a little office on the left with the Karl Cullen PDA.

Continue around the next corridor, and across the walkway. Take out the Commando and an Imp will spawn behind you.

In the next room the automated turrets will be online. Quickly run across the room and jump through the window to the small office. Watch the turret do its thing.

Once the enemies are clear push the button to turn off the automated turret. Inside the storage room you’ll find Lockers 078 and 079. They can both be opened with code 364. When you’re done open the bay door to the next area.

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