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Alpha Labs Sector 1

Click the console to open the door to Alpha Labs. Inside the room is pretty dark and as you move around Zombies will walk out of the corners. Look for the computer on the right side and click on the Unlock Doors button.

Head through door Blue 16 and take out the Machine Gun Zombies on the other side. Once it’s clear go through Blue 17 but watch out for the Imp waiting for you on the other side. As you step forwards 2 Zombies will run in. Use a grenade to get rid of them quickly.

Head through the next door to find the stairs are blocked. Instead you’ll need to drop down into the room with the phase deconstructor.

As you enter the room behind the phase deconstructor you’ll have some kind of a vision and items will go flying towards you. Try to dodge them if you can. Take a look around, grab the Elemental Phase Deconstructor VD and the Kyle Berget PDA. From here you can also open Locker 009 with the code 752.

Continue out the other door and look at the computer monitor. Click on the Open Repair Access Gate button.

Head back out to the phase deconstructor, crouch down and walk along the access way. If you crouch down you’ll avoid the beam. Press the button on the right to open the conduit and go through.

Head down the stairs and go through the next door. Follow the corridor around and walk down the ramp. There’s only fire behind the doorway so you’ll need to find the dark path to the back right of the room.

Clear out the Zombies in the next room and go up the stairs to the control room.

You’ll find the Jack Smith PDA. Grab it and then use the computer to seal the breached fire section. Head back to the door with the flames behind it and the path should be clear.

Take out the enemies, take the ladder leading down for the Armor if you want, then climb back up and head through the door.

Inside this room things start to get pretty ugly and you’ll be attacked by new enemies call Maggots.

The door is broken so you’ll need to crouch down under the walkway. Crawl around until you can pop up in the room behind the broken door.

Kill the Zombies and then follow the path around to a room with barrels. Watch out for the Machine Gun Zombies as you head along the next walkway.

In the next room someone will throw barrels down on you. Head up the stairs and continue around and head through the next door.

Continue up the stairs and into the next room. You’ll have another one of those visions again.

After the vision take out the Imps and you’ll see a Security 15 glass cabinet. Press the button on the small monitor on the blue panel to open it.

Go through the next door and you’ll find the Hydrocon VD on the desk. Take the door on the left, kill the Maggot, Zombie and Imp, then head up the ladder in the small alcove.

Follow the pipes around and you’ll find G. Krietman. Have a chat with him but you’ll need to kill him if you want the George Kreitman PDA.

Go under the device that’s moving up and down and then grab the Bernie Lipsitz PDA from the guy next to the hole. Drop down the hole to the room below and you can now open the door with Alpha on it.

Take out the Zombies and head through the next door. You’ll see Swann and his bodyguard running past as you get attacked by Maggots. Take them out and continue through to the next room.

Enter the storage room and out the other side. Go through Blue 20, Blue 21 and Blue 22. As you step forwards into this final room you’ll be attacked by Maggots. I like to take them out with the Shotgun.

Take the lift to Sector 2.

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