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You’re back in Mars City. Take out the Pistol Zombie and walk towards the supply locker. Someone will lower down a ladder for you. Climb up to find out who it is.

Roland isn’t going to help you except give you some advice. Crawl through the vents, grab the Green Armor and continue through until you can drop down to another room but watch out for the Zombies. On the desk here you’ll find the first PDA, Marcus Stanton PDA.

Head out the door and into the small room ahead for the ACO Keycard.

Go back and head up the stairs and scan the ACO card to unlock the next area. There’ll be a couple of Pistol Zombies on the other side. If you look out the window here you’ll see the Sentry Bot taking out some of the Zombies.

Navigate through the next couple of rooms, take out the Flaming Zombie and continue around until you find the Infirmary.

Inside you’ll find a Health Station, Mark Caseon PDA and Locker 017 that opens with the code 347.

Head out the other side of the Infirmary and the patient on the table will stand up and chase after you. Take him out as well as the Machine Gun Zombies.

When you find the hallway with the flames you’ll need to crouch down and crawl under them.

At the end of this corridor you’ll find the Bill Tyson PDA.

Crawl back under the fire and continue on your way. Enter the Combat Prep opposite the Marine HQ and enter the code 584 to enter weapons storage. Grab the supplies walk up the steps to the Comm Center.

Listen to the message and then head back the way you came. The HQ door is stuck so go back to the door leading to where you started the game.

Head past the kitchen and bathroom. You can explore these rooms if you like. Around the corner you’ll find the Sentry Bot.

Follow the bot back to the elevator. Clear out the room and then look around for the open hatch towards the back on the right side.

Crawl through and climb up the ladder to find Duncan Matthews PDA. Go back and take the elevator to the next area.

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