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Enpro Plant

Head through the door and use the Health Station if you need it. You’ll be given the objective to reach the Reactor Control Room and replace the coolant rod.

Drop down the stairs and you’ll be attacked by an Imp. To the right there’s a storage room and the path continues straight ahead.

Follow the Sentry Bot as you make your way through the facility. You can dart off to a few small side areas to pick up extra loot if you want. When the Sentry Bot climbs up the stairs follow it up and turn right to find the Paul Raad PDA.

Press the button on the monitor just in front of you as you head up the stairs to Begin Valve Routing Procedure. This puts out the flames so you can take the path to the left.

Follow the Sentry Bot around to the left and get ready to face up to a dozen Imps before the Sentry finds its resting spot. Look around for a ladder going up to the floor above.

Follow the sounds of crying and you’ll see a woman at a desk by a console. In between is the Theresa Chasar PDA.

When you go inside she turns into a Lost Soul. Take it out and pick up the PDA. The Locker 063 in this room opens with the code 972.

Look at the computer and press the Unlock Doors Release Bridge button. Leave the room, take out the Lost Souls and head across the bridge.

Continue forwards through a couple of doors and you’ll see the overheating reactor. Make your way around the walkway to the left. The next door is sealed so continue along the walkway, head through the door and make your way through the rooms to the lift.

Ride the lift down. It’s quite a long trip down. Once you reach the bottom clear out the enemies, head through the rooms on the right side to the base of the reactor.

Go around to the other side and enter the small room where you can Replace Rod 2. The reactor will turn from orange/red to cool blue.

Now you’ll need to make your way back up to the top of the reactor and go through the door that was previously sealed. Go through the next door and take out the 2 Wraiths. They can turn invisible for a few seconds as they rush towards you.

Take the stairs down on the right and follow the path around to the right. Head up the stairs and head through the next door to the plasma filtration room.

Take the exit on the other side and then go up the stairs. Take the door on the right out into a larger room where Imps will spawn in.

On the left side of this room is a small fenced area. Just inside you’ll find the Steve Hammer PDA.

Go back to the Plasma Storage door. The code is 734. Inside you’ll find all the Plasma you need. Grab all the loot and then head through the only other door.

After meeting the Soldier he’ll give you the Transmission Card before getting killed by a Wraith. Take out the Wraiths and then head through the door to the next area.

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