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From the start clear out the enemies and head through the first couple of rooms until you come to a T-junction. The door up the top of the stairs is locked so continue on straight ahead.

In the next room you’ll find a Health Station and some ammo. Go out the other side and you’ll find a little office around the corner.

Inside is PDA (Chris Vargas) and a case with a Super Shotgun inside but you don’t yet know the code. Go back the way you came to the T-junction and go through the locked door.

There is a lift here so call it and ride it down. The path to the right and the one straight ahead both lead around to the same small office. Inside you’ll find PDA (David Voss), a Health Station and you can use the computer to open the locked door.

Before going through the door you just opened check out the PDA for the code to the shotgun case (731). Go back up the lift and return to the office to grab the Super Shotgun.

Head back down the lift again and this time go through the door you unlocked. Go down the hallway and take out the Troopers and Imps.

At the end of the hallway is a storage room. Head through but watch out for the Commando and other enemies spawning in.

Continue out the next door and around the walkway to the next door. Go through to a small room where you can turn of the power to the generator. This opens the gate just ahead.

Make your way around to the auxiliary power room. Insert the SSD Drive and grab the Grabber Gun. Extract plasma from the working conduit to the non-working conduit. This powers the lift so you can ride it down.

After the ride down you’ll spot a Health Station. Heal up and take the ladder down. An Arch Vile appears on a higher walkway so get ready to take him out quickly.

Continue around to the left and through the next door. If you want to grab a bit more loot before ending the level go through the crawlway on the right side.

Grab the loot and then use the computer to initiate the power transfer. Take out the final few enemies, including another Arch Vile, then take the elevator to the next level.

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