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When you enter Hell you’ll lose all of your weapons and ammo. Luckily there’s a small cache around the portal. Grab the Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun and Grenades. Then head along the path to the entrance. There’s no stamina in Hell so you can run indefinitely.

After teleporting you’ll be trapped in a cage, which will then fall to the ground and break open. Take out the Imps and follow along the path that forms in front of you. Head along the passage to room with the Hell Knight.

When you kill it the path ahead opens up. Continue through and take out the Cherubs. The small rooms to the left and right contain health, ammo and armor.

The next room also has two side rooms. Imps will spawn when you enter the room on the right. The room on the left has a Chaingun with ammo.

Go back to the central room and continue further into the tunnel. Take out the Lost Souls and go through the door that opens when you get close to it. Beyond you’ll need to navigate across a broken path.

Continue up the next set of stairs but watch out for the Lost Souls and Hell knight. Once you kill them the bars open so you can progress into the next room.

Take out the Mancubus and continue through to the room with the Plasma Gun. When you grab it the platform will lower down to the next section. When you’re free to progress grab the Berserk Pack and take out as many enemies as you can before it runs out.

Once the enemies have been defeated follow the arcane footprints one way to some ammo and health and the other way to more loot, the Simon Garlick PDA and a set of doors.

Watch out as you step forwards. A crusher will drop down in front of you, then a Mancubus will spawn first on the right side and then on the left. Take them out and continue along the path under the crusher.

Make your way up another set off stairs, taking out the Imps along the way. Go through the next door, take out the Lost Souls and Imps that spawn in the alcoves beside you.

Continue along the path by the lava and then through the next door. As you enter the screen will go red and you’ll be attacked by a 2 Hell Knights and 2 Lost Souls. The second Hell Knight will take some time to reach you so try to deal quickly with the first one.

Go through the next door and make a dash for the edge of the cliff where you’ll find the BFG. Grab it and use it to take out the Hell Knights. The BFG is just around the corner from where you spot the BFG Cell.

Continue along the next corridor and then up the stairs to the Mancubus. Take it out and head up to the door. Watch out for another Mancubus behind it.

Next take out the Cherubs, another Mancubus and a Hell Knight. Once the area is clear continue forwards through the next door. Head around to the portal and go through. You can dodge arond the portal and climb up the rocks on the other side for some more BFG Cells if you want.

The teleporter takes you to a boss fight. You can’t hurt the boss directly until you’ve taken out the 3 Seekers. You’ll then have a few seconds to do damage before it spawn in another 3 Seekrs. Aim at the blue light above the boss to damage it.

One the beast has been defeated grab the Soul Cube and go through the green portal to be taken back to the start of the level. The teleporter back is now working so activate it to go to the next area.

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