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As soon as you step onto the Mars surface you’ll be attacked by 3 Cacodemons. You can finish them off pretty quickly with the Chaingun.

Grab the Oxygen on the low walkway to the right and then climb up the ladder. Use the time slow to kill the Vulgars on the higher walkway and go through the airlock.

In the next room you’ll see a Marine working on a Sentry Bot.

Go through the next door and clear out the Vulgars. Continue through the blue doors and head down the stairs. There are two blue doors here, one on the first landing and one at the very bottom.

Head all the way to the bottom and go through this blue door first.

Inside you’ll find PDA (Fred Grossman). Read it to find the code for the storage lockers (134). Unlock the door to the armory and you’ll find Locker 034 and Locker 035. Both can be opened with the code 134. There’s also a Health Station here.

Go back up the stairs and open the other blue door. As you approach the next door a Revenant spawn in front and behind you, as well as a Vulgar on the walkway behind. Use slow time to take them out.

Go through to the Access Tunnel and you’ll find a Sentry Bot to help you out. Follow the bot and help clear out the enemies. There are a lot of enemies here so use the artifact to slow time when you need it.

At the end of the Sentry Bot section head up the ramp and you’ll find a Health Station.

Climb up the ladder next to it and make your way along the pipes. You’ll come out to an open area and get attacked by the Berserker Hunter.

This is the second boss that will upgrade the Artifact once defeated. It has two phases. For the first phase it charges towards you with the heart in its chest visible. This is the only time it can be damaged.

After the charge it will switch to the second phase and shoot three fireballs. You’ll need to dodge them and wait for the next phase when it can be damaged again.

After the boss fight take the monorail to Phobos.

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