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As soon as you enter this level quite a few enemies will spawn in so get ready for a fight and use the Artifact to slow time.

Once the coast is clear take a look around. You can’t get through to Cargo Tunnel A yet so head through the only other door by the raised walkway.

Go through the next room and up the stairs. As you enter the next room you’ll get a cutscene. You’re given the Armory Key and sent on your way.

Run up the stairs and take out the Zombies and Vulgars in the next room. There is a Health Station here so heal up if you need to then go through the next door.

Clear out the Vulgars from the walkway above the starting area and go through the door on the other side.

Three Vulgars and an Imp spawn in so use Slow Time to take them out safely. Go down the stairs and you’ll find PDA (Sean Gibson) at the bottom.

Through the next door Imps and Vulgars will spawn around you so you may want to use the Artifact to slow time again. Once the area is clear use the PDA to unlock the security door in the corner and go through to Storage.

You’ll be back where you started the level but now you have the Armory Key. Go through the door and then unlock the Armory.

Inside you’ll find PDA (Leo Avery) on the shelf to the right as well as tons of ammo, the Chaingun and a Health Station.

Head out the other door and make your way through the sewers. There are lots of enemies here including Cupids and Mancubis. Progress slowly and clear out the enemies in each section so you don’t get overwhelmed.

When you reach the end of the sewer section head through the green doors and climb up the stairs. At the top you’ll find he airlock. Go through to reach the next level.

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