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Site 3: Analysis Facility

You’ll be greeted by a Hell Knight as soon as you enter. Take it out and then the other smaller enemies that spawn in. There’s a Health Station just as you enter if you need it.

The door to the right is locked so head to the left. Go around the corner for another Hell Knight. The door behind him is locked so go through the Garage.

Clear out the enemies including another Hell Knight.

We’ll be calling a rail car to the garage later but for now just head through the next door. All the candles will give you a clue that something is wrong. Take out the Arch Vile as he spawns in, then through the next door.

Clear out the Revenant, Maggot and Imp and head up the stairs. Go through the door, down the ladder and around the corner. You’ll find the Davis PDA on a desk in the map room.

Continue around and through the next door. The corridors lead to two locked doors and a ladder. Climb up the ladder, crawl through the vent and drop down. Get ready with the Soul Cube and take out the Hell Knight when it spawns in.

Go through the door to the right of the tablets and talk to Pierce Rogers. He tells you to get to the caverns and to take his Rogers PDA.

With the PDA you’ll be able to get through those locked doors in the corridor. On the way back you’ll get attacked by a handful of enemies.

Go through the door back into the corridor and head around to the other locked door. This takes you back to the start of this level. You’ve done one big lap around.

Head around past the Garage and go through the locked door. Watch out for the Imp in the cave up on the left.

The ladder on the left leads to some loot, Otherwise take the lift up to Maintenance. Head around to the Freight Loader Access after clearing out the enemies and click the Unlock Site 3 Freight Loader button. You’ll see the train entering Site 3.

Head back to the garage and enter the Loader. Click the button to begin the journey and you’ll make your way to the Caverns. Take the lift down to end the level.

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