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Level 37: Wretched Vats

From the Start head through the door and clear out the courtyard area. The only available exit at the moment is to the north. Go through into the next room and press the Button. Kill the Hell Knight and then the Lost Souls that appear in a side room. Press the Button to open the door on the eastern side.

Take the passage to the left and head down the stairs to the room below. Once you clear out the enemies you’ll be able to pick up the Red Key. Open the wall on the north side for Secret #1 with a Plasma Gun and ammo.

Head back up the steps and follow the other passage to the east. Go through the door and open the Red Door back out to the first courtyard. Once you’ve cleared out the enemies take the Red Door down the stairs to the south.

In this square room kill all the Arachnotrons and then press the Button in the center to lower the walls. You’ll need to kill the enemies that appear in the square cages. From here you can take the door to the east or west. The door to the east leads to the Blue Key so go that direction first.

Make your way around to a large square room with a circular wall in the center. Clear out the enemies and open the wall just to the north of the entrance after heading around to the outside area for Secret #2. Up the stairs you’ll find the Mega Armor.

Press the Button on the eastern side of the room to open the central doors. Run forwards to grab the Blue Key while dodging the arrows.

Wait for the doors to reopen and make your way back to the previous room with the Arachnotrons. Go out through the western door. Follow the path around to a large rectangular room.

When you enter this room you’ll be attacked from enemies all around the edges. Take one of the lifts up and push the Button at the end of the walkway. Open one of the door to the room further in and push the Button on the far wall. This lowers down the Yellow Key in the large room.

Head back out but before taking a lift down open the wall to the north for Secret #3 with a Supercharge. Kill the Arachnotrons in the room below and pick up the Yellow Key.

Now that you have all three keys head back to the square room further to the east. Open the three sets of bars to the south and hit the Button for the Exit.

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