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Level 34: Plant Ops

From the Start enter the small room ahead and press the Button. Go back out and head through the right teleporter. This takes you to a square room with the Yellow and Blue Doors. Clear out the room and go back through the teleporter.

Go through the left teleporter and clear out the Imps. Press the Button behind the square pillar in the room to lower down two lifts for a box of bullets and a rocket.

Head down the steps, kill the Zombiemen and grab the Armor. Open the wall behind the Armor for Secret #1 with Armor Bonuses.

Leave the room and take the lift down in the north. Walk along the side of the slime pool and take the lift up on the other side. Press the Button here lowers down the bars in a previous room. While you’re here look out the window and take out as many enemies as you can.

Go through the teleporter and make your way past the bars that just lowered down. The Chaingun in the center of the room will have lowered down so grab it and go through the room to the north. Clear out as many enemies as you can and then drop down to the slime pool below to pick up the Super Shotgun on the walkway.

Go through one of the teleporters to be taken back up. Make your way around the outskirts of the room until you find the Red Key. When you grab it Cacodemons will spawn in.

Open the Red Door to the north and kill the enemies on the other side. Dash under the crusher in the center of the room and press the Button on the other side. The Button opens up a small room with a teleporter. Go through and you’ll be taken back to the starting room.

Open one of the Red Doors and go up to grab the Blue Key. Head back down the stairs and go through the teleporter on the right side.

The Rocket Launcher will have lowered down now so grab it and go through the Blue Door. Kill the Zombiemen and then open the wall immediately to the left of the Blue Door for Secret #2 with Armor Bonuses.

Continue down the hallway and down the stairs at the end. Clear out the enemies and once they’ve all been killed walk around the back of one of the walls and the Yellow Key in the center will lower down.

Open the wall on the south side for Secret #3. Continue up the stairs and open the wall at the end for a Supercharge.

Make your way back and go through the Blue Door to the square room. Go through the Yellow Door opposite and pick up the Radiation Suit. Clear out the enemies and press the Button in the corner. Once all the enemies are killed stairs will raise up to the higher level.

Head up the stairs and go through the teleporter. Press the Button and go through the thin door. You’ll be back in the circular room with the walkway in the center. The walkway will lift up leading towards the Exit.

There are quite a few enemies around the outskirts of the final room. Take them out if you wish or just make a dash for the Exit teleporter.

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