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Level 6: Alpha Quadrant

From the Start open the door to the oval room. Enemies will spawn up in the ledges around the room. There are two stairways leading down, one to the south and the other to the north (as shown on the map). You can follow the passage to the north first to clear out the enemies but you’ll need the Yellow Key to progress.

Take the passage down to the south and ride the lift up. Clear out the Zombiemen and press the Switch to open up the door to the central room. Press the Switch on the other side of the room and 2 Barons of Hell will spawn in. Take them out and the ledges will lift up. One of them has a Backpack and the other the Yellow Key.

Once you have the key leave the room and take the passage to the north. Clear out the Hell Knights and Imps around these connecting corridors and make your way down to the square room to the southeast. There’s a Mega Sphere inside a cage but you can’t get to it from here.

Make your way back to the room that had the Yellow Key. Drop down to the middle of the room and then quickly leave. Turn to the right and you’ll notice a new passage has opened up. Go through and drop down the lift. when you step forwards a wall opens so you can jump across to the Mega Sphere. This is Secret #1.

Now that you have the Yellow Key go back to the oval room but watch out for the Lost Souls that will be waiting for you there. Go down the stairs on the other side and take the lift up. Press the Yellow Button to lift up the walkway.

The walkway is blocked so drop down on the right side and now look for the small room that has opened up. Press the Switch inside to remove the block. Press the Yellow Switch again and cross the walkway. Do this two more times until you can make your way to the northeast.

Clear out the enemies in this room and around the edges. When you walk into the center the pillar lifts up. Ride it up and dash across to the alcove that had the Baron of Hell. Press the Switch to open the door to the room to the south. Dash across to it and take out the Barons of Hell and other enemies.

Part of the walkway will collapse as you walk across it. If you fall down to the dark room below you’ll need to kill dozens of Specters. To get to the next secret stand on the second pillar. Wait for it to lower down and run across diagonally to the right into the room with the Button. If you fail take one of the teleporters back to the start of the room. The Button opens a small door back near the entrance.

Go through and kill the Specters. Eventually you’ll be able to pick up the Supercharge. This is Secret #2. Go through the teleporter and dash across the pillars to the other side. Press the Button and then go back through the teleporter.

Go back to the room with the pillar that rises up in the center and dash across to the section with the Blue Key. The door should be open to the key and the Mega Armor which is Secret #3.

Go back to the starting room and go through the Blue Door. Take out the 2 Barons of Hell, ride the lift up and hit the Switch for the level Exit.

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