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Level 17: Watch Your Step

This is a small map that consists of two square sections connected by a hallway. Take the steps up to the hallway and make your way around to the next square section. As you do loops around you’ll find the Blue Key. More and more enemies will spawn into the area as you walk around. Watch out for the Pain Elementals. There are three of them and they can spawn behind you.

Once the area is clear go through the gate in the center and kill the Pain Elemental. Push the Button and ride the lift up on either side. Go through the teleporter to the side passage. Shoot the cage ahead, turn around and press the Button. This is Secret #1 and opens a side passage in the connecting hallway.

Follow the passage to the other side and ride the lift up. Go into the teleporter and back through it again to appear at the same spot. Shoot the cage from this side and turn around to hit the second Button. This is Secret #2 and opens up a second passage in the connecting hallway.

Go through the teleporter again and follow the thin passage ahead to the Mega Armor. More monsters will spawn around you. Now that this section is clear go back through to the starting arena. Save the Mega Sphere and Invincibility in the side passages for later.

When you enter the starting arena creatures will start to spawn. As you kill them off more difficult monsters will appear. Eventually you’ll be faced with 2 Cyberdemons. Go back to the passages in the connecting hallway for the Mega Sphere and Invulnerability so you can easily take them out.

Once they’ve been defeated the Exit opens. Press either of the Buttons to complete the level.

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