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Level 8: Final Outpost

From the Start press the Button to lower the walls and take out the Zombiemen. Run across the center of the room to lower the lift in the corner and ride it up. If you look out the window you’ll see the level exit but you can’t reach it yet.

Head down the corridor and the center will drop down when you stand on it. Walk up the stairs and before you go through the next door turn around and open the wall opposite the door for Secret #1. Inside you’ll find Lost Souls guarding a Button. Press the Button to reveal a room with a Backpack. Press the Switch on the wall and go back out.

Open the door to the north and go through. Press the Switch to open up the room next to you and press the Switch inside to open the passage to the west.

You can’t open the Blue Door yet so follow the thin corridor around to grab the Super Shotgun. Make your way back to the Blue Door and go through the teleporter next to it. Dash across for the Blue Key.

Drop down to the water and cross to the other side. Open the wall for Secret #2 with the Mega Armor. Take the teleporter back to the top and go through the Blue Door.

This room opens up as you find the Switch and the Button. Enemies will spawn in when you press them for the first time. Once the room is clear press the Button by the Red Key to lower it down so you can grab it.

Go back through the Blue Door and notice the Button that has appeared just next to the door. Press it and go through the teleporter. This time the lift on the other side of the pool will be lowered down. Drop down and ride it up.

Dash through the window to the next area. Take the stairs to the left and go through the Red Door. Take out the Baron of Hell and other enemies in this room. Press the Button and the Plasma Gun will disappear. Look at the monitor to see where it’s gone.

Press on the pillar where you think the Plasma Gun is located. If you get it wrong you can try again. Go back through the Red Door and up the stairs.

The door to the left has the Yellow Key on a pedestal. To get it to lower down press the Button on the right side, go back out and press on the yellow symbol on the wall. You should be able to pick up the Yellow Key.

Head down the next set of stairs, grab the Supercharge and then go through the Yellow door. Take out all the Imps, Hell Knights and Barons of Hell. You may be able to get them to infight with each other.

Once all the enemies have been defeated a path will appear leading up to the Exit.

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