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Level 39: Final Judgement

From the start grab all the weapons you want, including the Unmaker and then step into the teleporter. Pick up all the ammo and press the Button to lower the walls. You’ll be in the center of the map. Grab the Invincibility sphere and start clearing out the enemies. You may want to target the Pain Elementals first.

To complete the map you’ll need to go into each of the side areas and and pick up the 3 Unmaker Artifact Upgrades. Picking up an Artifact will spawn in another Cyberdemon.

Once you have the 3 upgrades you’ll be able to lower the bars on the eastern side and release the Mother Demon. If there are still Cyberdemons walking around you might want to make them fight against each other. Otherwise use the Unmaker to finish her off and complete the campaign.

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