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Level 32: Hectic

Hectic is a small but very tricky secret level. You begin right next to the exit but you’ll need the three keys to reach it. Don’t fall for any of the traps. If you try to grab any of the rare items in this room you’ll die horribly in one way or another.

Start with the door opposite the Exit. Carefully make your way across the moving platforms to the Yellow Key. Arrows will shoot out from the faces on the walls so make sure you’re not in the line of fire. You can always step onto the very edge of a platform to trigger the traps without getting hit. When you have the key carefully make your way back out to the starting room.

Open the door to the east and grab the Red Key. When you grab it you’ll be teleported to the room below with 3 Arachnotrons. Grab the Rocket Launcher and box of Rockets and circle around them so you have room. Once you’ve killed the Arachnotrons quickly run back to the lift that had the red key otherwise the roof will drop down and crush you.

Now open the door the west and run across the platforms to the Blue Key. Once again this is a trap and the alcove with the key turns into a crusher. Hell Knights will appear on ledge from either side. Try to take them out as best as you can while staying on the center ledges. If you fall off you can’t get back up again.

Once you’ve killed the Hell Knights the door to the main room will open again. Go through and use the keys to open up the Exit.

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