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Level 1: Staging Area

The first secret level can be found from Level 1. To get there you’ll need to destroy all 10 of the explosive barrels. Leave the barrel on the starting platform as this is near the secret exit and it only opens for a few seconds.

Kill the Zombiemen in the cages on either side and then drop down to the room below. Blow up Barrel #1 and grab the Backpack.

Follow the corridor around to the left and open the narrow door on the left side. Take out the Zombiemen in the room, climb onto the ledge and then open the vent on the north side (as seen in the map above) for Secret #1 with the Armor.

Blow up Barrel #2, climb up the stairs and then go along the conveyor to the Switch. Use the Switch to open the door at the end of the conveyor. Go through and you’ll end up back out in the main corridor.

Continue along the corridor to the north. You can open the wall opposite the blue door for a teleporter that takes you back to the starting room.

Take the lift up to the north and clear out the Zombiemen and Demons. Barrel #3 will be in the room with the lift. A wall in the northwest corner doesn’t have any dots on it. Open it for Secret #2 with MegaArmor and Barrel #4.

To find the Blue Key hit the Switch on the wall, run backwards and strafe left. A wall will lower for a few seconds with the key.

Head back down the lift and go through the Blue Door. Take out the Zombiemen and Barrel #5. Walk up the steps, turn around and dash across to the ledge in the pillar. Hit the Switch, drop off the ledge and run to the corner where the lift has just dropped down. Inside you’ll find Barrel #6 and a teleporter that takes you back to the start. Also if you ride the lift up all the way you’ll find Secret #3 with a Supercharge.

Walk up the steps again and follow the corridor along to the north. Hit the Switch at the end to open up a room behind you with Demons. Kill them and then explode Barrel #7. Press the Button and go back down the corridor to the south.

The door will have opened to your left. Go through back to the main corridor. Follow the curved corridor around and step into the room on the left. This drops down so you can get to Barrel #8.

Ride the lift back up and continue around the corridor to the door. Go through and kill the Demons. Explode Barrel #9 and open the door to the east. This leads to the regular Exit but if you take it you’ll miss the secret level.

Take one of the teleporters back to the starting ledge. Blow up Barrel #10 and open the door to the south. The Secret Exit on the east wall will be open for a few seconds.

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