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Level 15: Dark Entries

Activate the 2 Buttons on the left and right and then go through the door to the next room. When you enter fireballs will start shooting from in front and behind you. They’ll shoot about 10 fireballs each and then stop. They’ll start up again each time you enter the room.

There’s Blue Bars to your left, the Red Door ahead and an open passage to your right. Go through the right passage and step into the teleporter.

You’ll be in a square room with a pool in the middle. Kill the Arachnotrons hiding in the dark rooms first and then press the Button to start a puzzle. Look at the Supercharge and pay attention to the pattern. You’ll need to press the Button showing where the Supercharge will go to next. When you get it right it lowers down the Supercharge and the Blue Key.

When you pick up the Blue Key turn around and use the BFG to kill all the Lost Souls that spawn into the room.

Before you leave this room look at the north wall. Part of it looks a bit different. Open it for Secret #1 for a Backpack.

Go back through the teleporter to the main room. Once the fireballs have stopped lower down the Blue Bars and go through the teleporter.

Kill all the Imps in this room and the Arachnotrons in the cages either side of the steps. Go through the door on the south side and clear out the enemies in this open area. Use the Rockets from a distance to take out the Barons and Arachnotrons.

When the outside is clear go through the central structure and clear out the Lost Souls. Look out the back window. and shoot both of the Buttons.

The side sections of the room will lower so you can grab the Mega Armor and Supercharge. Head outside and go up the stairs. Press the Button at the end of the room to lower the bars in the previous room. It also lowers down a teleporter so you can get back.

Take the teleporter, head up the steps and continue over the bridge to the other side. You can avoid the arrows if you’re quick. Open the doors on the other side for the Red Key and Berserk pack.

Shoot the Barons of Hell and Arachnotrons that appear on the other side of the bridge and make your way back across. Go back through the teleporter to the starting room and deal with more enemies inside the main chamber.

This time go through the Red Door directly opposite, kill t he final 2 Barons of Hell and hit the Button for the Exit.

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