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Level 35: Evil Sacrifice

From the Start kill the Imps and then press the Button. this lowers down the Super Shotgun. Grab it and then quickly run to the Armor as it lowers down. This is Secret #1.

Go down the stairs and open the door. Take out the Hell Knight and push the Button. The floor will lower down. Kill the Imps and the exit will open. Go through and head up the stairs.

Make your way around to the lift and ride it up. Press the Button to lower down the bars in the starting area. Make your way back to the start and head across into the new area.

There’s a door to the left and an opening to the right. Go through the opening and take out all the enemies. Press the Button at the end of the room to remove the bars from the other exits. The side room gives you the option of grabbing a Supercharge or Plasma Gun. I’d recommend the Plasma Gun.

Go through the door up the steps. The Yellow Door is to the left but you don’t have the key. Instead take the lift up and press the Button. The Invisibility on the pedestal will lower down.

Look just to the right of the Button and shoot through the window. You’ll hit a Button that opens up the next secret.

Go through the door just to the left of the window and the Secret #2 will be to the right. You’ll find the Mega Armor and Energy Cell Packs.

Continue around the corridor to a room with bookshelves. In the center is the Yellow Key but it’s up on an altar. Open the only door you can open right now. Press the Button and another section of wall will open releasing a Pain Elemental.

Kill the Elemental and press the Button behind it to lower down the Yellow Key. Make your way back to the previous room, go up the steps, through the door and then through the Yellow Door to the left.

Use the Chaingun to clear out the Zombiemen and then finish off the Cacodemons. Go through the other exit which is on the east wall on the south side (according to the map above). First go down the steps and pick up the Blue Key.

Head back and go up the thin corridor with the Armor Bonuses. Make your way around the outskirts of the large courtyard, taking out the Arachnotrons along the way.

As you come up the steps turn around to the right. A Button will be revealed for a few seconds. Shoot it and the BFG on the pillar will lower down. This is Secret #3.

Continue making your way around to the end and press the Blue Button. The central room and walkways will lower down, revealing Pain Elementals and Arachnotrons. You may want to retreat to the side corridors to take them out.

Once the enemies have been defeated grab the Red Key in the center.

Go back through the Yellow Door and then out to the other courtyard. Clear out the Cacodemons and go through the door leading to the library. Open the Red Door and press the Button around the corner. Watch out for the Pain Elemental that spawns in when you step around the corner.

The Button opens the door and releases 2 Hell Knights. Take them out and press the Button to lower a lift down on the side wall for a few seconds. Drop down and blast your way past the Demons to the Exit.

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