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Level 12: Altar of Pain

From the Start do a loop around the outside of the citadel, killing off all the enemies as you go. Once you’ve done a full lap look at the south wall of the tunnel. Part of the wall looks a bit different. Open it for Secret #1 with a Supercharge.

From here head to the west and go through the teleporter. This takes you to the inner area of the citadel. Do a lap around this inner area and clear out all the enemies. There’s a Button on the northern side. Press it to lower down the bars in front of the Blue Key. Head down to the tunnel on the other side and pick up the Blue Key.

Now that you have the key go through the Blue Door on the western side. Go down the hall past the yellow door and then come back to the central hallway. A room will have opened up with the Mega Armor. Grab it and then press the Button inside to lift up steps in the other hall. Head up the steps, pick up the Plasma Gun and press the next Button to remove one of the bars to the lift..

Leave the Blue Room and press the Button to lower down the lift. Ride it up to the next inner area. Make your way around both sides so you can press both Buttons.

Go back through the Blue Door. This time the central hallway will be open. Continue along the top of the wall around the citadel, pressing the Buttons as you go to open up the next sections.

Eventually you’ll come to a lift that will take you up to a room with the Red Key. Grab it and then press the final Button at the end of the walkway. This opens a wall back to the inner section.

Head back to the south side and go through the Red Door. SAVE the game here and go inside. Have the BFG ready and take out the Barons of Hell. Once they’ve been killed grab the loot and the Unmaker. Press the Button to reveal the Yellow Key. You can’t grab it from here so head back outside.

Make your way around to the lift and go to the next inner section. Head around to grab the Yellow Key.

Drop down, go through the Blue Door, and then the Yellow Door. Push the Button to lift up a pillar and then dash across to the other side. This leads around to the Exit but bars will lift up to block it off. Turn around and kill the Baron of Hell to remove the bars.

If you want to find the Secret Exit drop down to the outer area and go through the teleporter. Take the lift up to the inner walkway.

Head around to where you picked up the Yellow Key and dash across to the Supercharge. From here dash through the fake wall for Secret #2. Continue around to the Secret Exit.

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