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Level 5: Tech Center

You start in the center of the map with doors and passages all around. Head down the steps towards the blue armor and open the wall under the grate. This is Secret #1 and leads to the Mega Armor.

Continue down the steps to the rectangular room. This is an optional room but there is some loot on the pillars. Lower down the section of wall on the other side of the room and press the Button to lower down one of the pillars. Quickly stand on it to be lifted up. From here you can dash across to the loot on the other pillars. When you’re done go back to the central room.

Take the stairs to the south (as shown on the map) and press the Button in the small room at the end. This opens up another passage from the central hub. Go back to the central hub and take the passage to the west.

Take out the Hell Knights and then take the door to the left that leads to the outdoor area. Make your way around to the right, blow up the barrels and take the lift up to the walkway. Kill the Imps and then press the Button in the second room to the right. This will lower down the Yellow Key. Drop down and go back to the central hub. Go through the door to the north east, as shown on the map, kill the Hell Knight and grab the Yellow Key.

Go back to the hub and go through the Yellow Door. To lower down the bars to the Supercharge shoot the vent to the west and the floor will lift up. Shoot the vent to the north and the bars will lower for a few seconds. Quickly drop down and grab the Supercharge. The Red Key is here as well but you’ll need to find another Button to lower the bars so you can reach it.

Go back to the central hub and go through the door to the southwest. This is a small maze of rooms. You’ll need to find two Buttons to open up doors so you can continue making progress.

Make your way along the corridor with the crushers but watch out for the Hell Knight on the other side of the exit. Make sure you press the Button before dropping down. This lowers the bars to the Red Key.

Go back to the central hub and go through the Yellow Door. Ride the lift up and grab the Red Key. When you enter the central hub again a Hell Knight will be waiting for you.

Go through the Red Door and take out the Lost Souls and Imps. Find the hole in the fence in the center and quickly dash in to pick up the Blue Key. The crusher has a hole in the center so you can spick up the key without being crushed.

Go back to the hub and go through the Blue Door. Clear out the Imps in this area and then press the Button in the corner. This activates the teleporter in the opposite corner. Quickly run into the teleporter and and press the Switch in the other small room. This opens the door to the larger room.

Kill the Cacodemons in the large room and then press the Switch. Go back through the teleporter to the previous area. Kill the Hell Knights that have spawned in and go through the Exit in the southeast corner.

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